Below we answer the most frequently asked questions…Please contact us if you have other questions or requests. We are here to help!
• Do you offer free shipping on the items you sell?
Yes, we do offer free Worldwide shipping and a tracking number is provided as well.
• Do you offer combined shipping?
Yes, absolutely and there is no extra cost for us to combine ship you order.
• Do you offer express shipping?
Express shipping is available upon buyer request, so please get in touch with us prior to your purchase,  so as to give a quote for the additional cost.
• What are your Store Policies?
All you need to know about our Store Policies is in our Policies section.
If, however,  you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us!
• What if I have a special request?
No problem! Let us know what your needs are and we will do everything possible to make it happen!
• Are the items you sell authentic?
All of the items we sell are guaranteed to be authentic. In addition, we provide the accurate descriptions, as well as the origin and approximate age of all of our items.
Any item that is a replica of an older piece will be described as such.
• Are all of your items listed online?
No they are not, since we have a very large inventory from 30 years of buying in Africa and besides that,  we still continue to buy!
So, if you are looking for a particular item, please let us know. There are good chances that we will have what you are looking for.
• Can you give discounts on your store items?
Please inquire with us and we will do what we can.
• Do you hold sales?
We hold a sale, usually once a year and this may be on selected items or on the entire store.
• Do you issue Gift Certificates?
Gift Certificates are available upon request.
Please Contact us and we will arrange to email you an “e-Coupon”and you can share this coupon with the person of your choice!
• Do you offer layaway?
Absolutely! We request a small down payment and from thereon, together, we can work out the payment modalities that best suit your needs.
• Should I be concerned about privacy?
You should not be at all concerned about privacy, as we do not process payments ourselves.
We use third party service providers, and as a result, we do not collect any personal or financial information.
Please read our Privacy Policy.
If you did not find the answers that you are looking for, please get in touch with us!
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